BMW Has No Plans to Stop Making Internal Combustion Engines

Although BMW has been heavily into the production of electric vehicles, Volvo, Jaguar and ford have big plans to become 100-percent electric by 2030, while BMW is sticking with internal combustion engines, along with a new line of electric vehicles. This is a fantastic move for BMW, as they are known for their raw, high performance, great sounding engines. They know this and this is why they will not commit to going anywhere close to all electric. BMW CEO Oliver Zipse claimed that demand for internal combustion engines will remain strong for many years to come. Therefore, the Bavarian brand will continue to feed that demand. This news is relevant because of BMW’s rival Audi announcing that it would cease development of new internal combustion engines completely. That means the Audi engines that are in use now will be the last Audi engines ever made. This can be a huge dealer breaker for buyers in the future. Audi cited strict emission regulations and the high cost of developing new engines to meet them. The idea that Audi had is rather than to pour money into new engines, they would use that money to put  into electric car development instead. It is obvious that  BMW has a different plan, and will continue developing both electric and Internal combustion engines for many years to come. I could see and would not be surprised if more people stuck with the Internal combustion in the future. 

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