BMW Plans to sell at least 20% electric by 2023

“We are steadily increasing the number of electric vehicles in our production. Between 2021 and 2023, we can promise we will build a quarter of a million more electric cars than originally planned,” Wrote in Bmw newspaper. In the year 2020, BMW produced about 8% electric cars. By the year 2023 bmw plans to be selling 1 out 5 electric. This is a huge step up from the past and should draw a new crowd of buyers. Although Bmw is a brand known for their classic, driver-oriented engines and builds, they seem to be moving to a new generation where even the gas powered cars are much more technology filled and robotic. This is an upset for many of the classic bmw owners and drivers, but I think Bmw is smart for keeping both the Turbo motors, while introducing an electric option as well. More electric cars does not necessarily mean there won’t be a large market for the gas powered ones. The one thing that boggles everyone about this is it seems a little late. Competing with brands like Tesla, I just do not see Bmw making an electric car that can compete, especially when Bmw is known for their wonderful non-electric engines. BMW plans to develop an all-electric version of its 5 Series and 7 Series sedans as well as its X1 SUV. As said before, the company announced Monday they will be making more than double the electric vehicles in effort to reduce its overall emissions. That means almost all of the German luxury automaker’s most popular cars will soon have all-electric variants. I genuinely hope this does not mean Bmw does not skimp on production of their original motors. I think making some electric models for a bigger crowd would be smart, but their crowd will not stick with them if they switch to all electric. 

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