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HOW TO: Add Horsepower to your Sports Car

Whatever your reasoning, modifying a car to add horsepower is something that should be researched and planned before making any changes. Modifying correctly and safely is the key to adding power, without decreasing reliability. Modifications done to a car incorrectly will actually hinder performance, and probably break parts of your engine or axles. When choosing…

BMW Has No Plans to Stop Making Internal Combustion Engines

Although BMW has been heavily into the production of electric vehicles, Volvo, Jaguar and ford have big plans to become 100-percent electric by 2030, while BMW is sticking with internal combustion engines, along with a new line of electric vehicles. This is a fantastic move for BMW, as they are known for their raw, high…

BMW Plans to sell at least 20% electric by 2023

“We are steadily increasing the number of electric vehicles in our production. Between 2021 and 2023, we can promise we will build a quarter of a million more electric cars than originally planned,” Wrote in Bmw newspaper. In the year 2020, BMW produced about 8% electric cars. By the year 2023 bmw plans to be…